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Provide Your Coffee the Optimal Freshness by Using Our Excellent Quality Coffee Bags

At the point when offering a product like coffee, you just can’t overlook the freshness and aroma of the coffee beans. Regular drinkers require freshness in their cup of coffee; there is nothing more irritating than to sit down for your morning cup of coffee only to find that its taste is off. The most ideal approach to guarantee the freshness and taste of the coffee is with the effective coffee packaging. We provide excellent quality and durable coffee bags that are able to preserve the essential qualities of your coffee for longer time.

At Swiss Pac you are offered one of the safest forms of coffee bags in a variety of sizes, colours, shapes and packaging designs to choose from. We produce all our bags by using premium quality raw materials and advanced technique in strict compliance with the international quality standards and norms. Our bags are highly durable and resistant to tear and temperature because they are manufactured by using various forms of plastic films like LLDPE, PPE, BOPP, MET and PE with lamination of metalized or aluminum foil layers. So our coffee bags are able to provide excellent barrier properties against moisture, oxygen and any other contamination and enhance the shelf life of the coffee.

We offer our coffee bags in a variety of innovative shapes like side gusset bags, side seal bags, re-sealable plastic bags, flat bottom bags, stand up pouches, Kraft paper bags and many others. We also provide our customers an opportunity to purchase our bags with degassing valves to allow the gases emitted by coffee are expelled from the bag while not allow any external agent into the bag and affect their products. With the help of this the freshness, taste and aroma of the coffee would be preserved for prolonged period of time.

To meet the variegated requirements of our clients, we offer all our bags in stock as well as custom printed options as per the given specifications of our clients. Company branding and product information would be effectively displayed on these custom printed bags so they are an effective form of promotional coffee packaging. So our coffee packaging bags are not only helpful for preserving the essential qualities of coffee, but also for marketing your products and company brand simultaneously.